Friday, January 27, 2006

Career Day

We spend many years studying and preparing ourselves for what? Find a good job, that is to say make money, a lot of money!!
Why don’t we do what we love? Why do most of us choose the bird in the hand over the many in the bush? Why others do the opposite?
You move from country to another, you try to work out your plan and achieve your dreams and be happy. Sometimes you meet success and sometimes you don’t.
Many other thoughts came across my head yesterday when I walked into the hall exploring what law firms came to offer and to say about themselves during the career day. I collected their flyers and brochures. I spent more than one hour and half introducing myself, repeating almost the same questions- I tried to ask genuine questions about what may not be available in their flyers or internet sites. Most of them recited similar answers. I met young lawyers full of enthusiasm and very friendly. Most of them answered my questions with pleasant smiles. Yet, I talked to a lawyer from one of the most prestigious law firms out there; I was really upset to feel her disinterest. Anyway, lawyers are human beings and one can expect them to be nervous, intimidated or whatever as well as most of students may be.
One of my concerns before the career day came out when I read this. I discussed it with more than one lawyer during the day and they agreed that there is no policy concerning people with foreign law degree. However they think that equivalence program students should convince law firms that they are here for a lifetime.
End result, a backpack full of brochures and gifts. I collected some business cards and I feel positive.

X: what next? Now you have what you need in terms of information about law firms and their programs, what is your selection criterion?

It seems to me that love, marriage and political parties have something in common! People and political parties introduce themselves as good as they can. Law firms repeat the same message “come we are the best”. I intend to send my applications to the firms that I felt good about their team. I am eager to work with open-minded, integer and sociable people. Last it is all about rizq “blessing or boon” you do your best then you wait for results.


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