Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Meet, socialize, mix and gather!!

X: qu'est ce que tu fais pour élargir ton cercle d'amis?

Ah, good question. I started by looking for a tennis partner. I got replies to my ad.
One of them was from an Egyptian guy; we played 3 times so far. Also I played with Angelica. She is a good player; we played once.

X: she won?

Yes, she did. But this is not the end coz we are going to play next Friday.

X: et quoi d'autre que le sport?

I met people from the school. We went to movie theaters, dinners, drinks and last Friday we played bowling. It was the first time I play this game. It is a real fun. I was surprised coz I did very well.
Saturday I had dinner with people from CAMP- Council of American Muslim Professionals. It was a good opportunity to meet new people. I met also people from another group SNAP- Social Network for Arab Professionals!! They are more active and they organize different activities.

X: ah you are doing a good job then, after Objectif Québec, you explore new groups and mix with different groups. Enjoy it and have fun man.

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