Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Back to life,,, Change!!

Retour à la vie.
I am back to life. I finished my exams yesterday. Well, I have got many topics on my list during last weeks. I don't know from where I have to start.

X: so you want me to choose the topic?

Oui, si tu veux

X: I knew that you got a new footwear?

Yes that is right. I got a new pair for basketball games. Good deal, I paid only 75 bucks. I like my old pair, but I use it for jogging, I thought it was time to change. May be the old one was good. Any way, the old pair had done its job and now I have to change and put the old one on the shelf, I won't say in the garbage can, yes be faithful and grateful is one of the good manners that mom taught me.

X: all that for your shoes?

Not only my shoes. Change is a good thing. I think that it is time that our president M go away and leave the place. Our country is rich and we have great people who can run the country toward democracy and justice. Imagine that you had the same shoes during 24 years, I am sure that your feet would have smelled very bad!!

X: isn't difficult to find shoes that fit your size "13"?

Yes quite difficult but it worth. Look at that Adidas. No no wait your have to look when I shoot or rebound.

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Blogger wilderness addict said...

Been there! Amazing to leave the last exam room and suddenly think "And now ... what?"

2:33 PM  

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