Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Do u speak Esperanto?

Esperanto Posted by Hello

Do you speak Esperanto?

X: No, but what Esperanto is?

in short, Esperanto is a language, but not of any country or ethnic group: it is a neutral, international language. Check the following link if you want to know about the international language!!

X: Songes-tu d'apprendre l'Esperanto?

No, no. Mohamed, my brother blamed me coz so far my blog is in French. He is not the only one. Heba asked me to write my blog in English so she can read and understand!!

X: will you write it in English?

I don’t know. It depends on the mood and what I want to write. I can talk about things only in Arabic, but I prefer to talk about other topics in French or English. Also, I think it is a habit. I used to speak French over the past years so I think in French most of the time. Even in Mcgill, when I come in I start with bonjour, comment ça va? Then I realize that my classmates expecting English greeting then I start to look for the English track in my head!!

X: I know it is quite hard to switch from one language into another especially when you start doing this when you are 27.

Ya, exactly, I was surprised when I noticed that most of my classmates not only master both French and English, but they go from one to another very easily and mix words and sentences with English and French words. Imagine, our courses packs include French and English materials. You are supposed to read and understand both. Even classes, we have classes in French and others in English but the professor can change and mix English with French and the same for our questions or opinions when we express ourselves in the class. So you end up with a kind of Franglais!!

X: so if you add Arabic, it would be Arafranglais?!!

Oui, si tu veux. D'ailleurs avec Jean et Dina c'est le cas

X: do you still plan to learn Spanish?

Yes I do, I hope to have enough time and money to learn this language, it always sounds like music for my ears. I have started but I didn't have enough time to go far. Sure I would like to complete what I started. Also I would like to learn more than one language.

X: I know, so how many so far? 5?

No, it comes to 6; Arabic, English, French, Spanish,….. and eyes language!!


Blogger ألِف said...

Having French in your arsenal should make learning Spanish easy.
For me, French was no different from Klingon. Until I took a couple of Spanish course, and voila! What used to be a train of unintelligible sounds started to make sense and I began to distinguish nouns, verbs and at least tell where words began and ended :-)
You'll be surprised at the number of disguised Arabic words also.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Hazem said...

holà amigo Alif
como estas?
you are right Spanish is close to French.
i visited ur blog, i like ur writings in Arabic. it sounds that u r interested in Arabic languge and turath. keep it updated, the show must go on ;)!!

11:29 PM  

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