Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday Self Basketball!!

the YMCA where i play basketball

Cela fait très longtemps que je n'ai pas pris de plaisir à jouer comme je l'ai fait cet aprèm.

X: yes, you played very well today, I am so proud of you

You are kidding me.

X: Serious man, you won 5 games

Actually, I appreciated the guys. We were tough for others. You know, the other teams had talented players who play better than us but we were playing as a team; passes, movement, organized attack and solid defense.

X: you noticed how others were nagging at each other.

And we played with confidence against them without tension or hostility. We were good today yet the referee asked us to stop playing after the 3rd game to leave the place for others but we came back later to win 2 more games!!

X: the new Adidas did well!

But I play with my eyes and head too :)

X: what is this?

Ah this is the new book that I bought this afternoon from Chapters. "Self" written by Yann Martel, I had already read his novel "Life of Pi"

X: and why him, Yann Martel?

Well I am still exploring the Canadian literature. I started by Stuart Mclean "Vinyl café". In Chapters under the Canadian novels section I found Martel. The story is brand new, at least for me. it is the story of a young writer who suddenly finds his gender changed overnight. He is now she!!

X: amazing!

I am tired after the 2 hours of basketball. I am going to take my new book and my mug of tea to the bed and keep reading until sleeping time.

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