Sunday, May 08, 2005

Immigration,, Reception

Moving to a new country takes courage. Although, it creates exciting and new beginning, the immigrant needs to take the time to learn about the new country, also he needs to know what to expect.

X: Well, how was the reception in Canada?

I think that Canada is doing a good job through the help offered to new comers. First, in the airport you receive books and pamphlets that tell you about what it is like to live in Canada, who can help you to adapt to your new life.
In Quebec, the carrefour d'intégration offers informative sessions about the country; people, employment and services offered to the new immigrant. The first session is very general. They answer questions, sure many questions from the anxious people during their first week.
Later I participated in additional sessions (4 afternoons) I found it very helpful. Also, I participated in another round table for immigrant lawyers.
The first week I looked for a place to live and papers (permanent resident card, health insurance, social insurance card and bank account). All were done easily. However for the bank it sucks. To have your account they should check your credit history, obviously as a new comer you don't have one, and so the answer is thank you Sir. Thanks to my mom's prayers I got mine sans problème.
As do most of the newcomers in the first few years, I rent my place where I live now. I was really lucky. I started my search on internet from France. I found it and I said to my lord land that I will confirm later. I visited other places but finally I took what I found on internet and it was a good deal.

X: What about furnishing?

Viva Ikea and the garage sales. Also I won't forget Mirella's help.

X: What is the difference between France and Canada?

The main difference, based on my personal experience, is the perception of the immigrant. Personally, and to be honest, I never felt racism in France- thanks to my friends- meanwhile I was told by friends many stories that show such hostility. Canada's situation is different. It is a country based on immigration. Canada needs people, thus immigrants are encouraged to come and settle down. Diversity is something that you see everyday in Canada, just take the bus and look to passengers' faces. Canada established a clear process of immigration; I knew the selection's criteria and the timetable.
However, European countries are full. The unemployment problem makes people think that the immigrants came to rob their jobs, add to that, immigrants' backgrounds in the EU who consider itself as one kind!
Against the closed Europe and unclear immigration policy, immigrants became a headache for the EU. I always wonder, because in Europe the people who dose not work or unemployed or non qualified can stay and enjoy their rights, while other people who are competent, qualified and eager to work can't find their way, so they end up with their dreams on their back, fly somewhere else and leave their dear friends.

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Anonymous Isa said...

J'ai beaucoup aimée ton histoire de faire ce blog... je peux savoir un peu sur ta vie!
Grande beijo e muitas saudades

6:44 PM  
Blogger Hazem said...

salut ma grande
merci d'ê venu me rendre visite. la suite de l'histoire arrivera ds qq jours. g beijo

7:57 PM  
Blogger wilderness addict said...

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, that could be very useful for other immigrants-to-be. Hope to be one myself ... quite soon ?

8:42 AM  

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