Sunday, June 19, 2005


X : how was your rafting experience yesterday?

It was great. We (group of Snapees) went to the Rivière Rouge. We had awesome time together on board or in the water, Ricky on the boat, Ricky in the water..oh oh Ricky on the boat, Ricky in the water!! The group was fantastic. We were a little bit late coz we lost the right exit. But we arrived ready to attack the waves. Once we arrived the guides took care of us and we got our wet suits, paddles, etc. despite the 17°c, the water was pretty half-warm!!
The Rouge River rapids came up fast and furious in a cascade of ledges, drops and waves. We passed different rapids. We did 2 runs of the best rapids on the river (16km), either the Harrington Canyon or Seven Sisters.After the first run we got a light riverside lunch. Then we went to the second run. The second run was great. Our boat passed the first run on board we succeeded to defeat the canyon. As we did not flip, we jumped in the water to enjoy the last section, the section of the seven sisters. The second run our guide wanted to make it more fun. She misguided us on purpose, so we flipped and it was funny. It is really safe. They provide friendly bilingual guides, expert kayakers, hamlets, and high buoyancy lifejackets. We were more than 15 boats on the first run. They (the guides) took pics and video of us trying to pass the canyon. The boats was passing one by one. Once the boat pass, the group take a place on the side waiting for the coming boats to help those who flip and grape them to the boat. It is a team work and solidarity. After the second run we went back to the camp where we had a complete dinner and multi-media presentation. What a fun to watch the pics and the video of the day commented by one of the guides.
Bref, c’était une belle expérience.
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