Sunday, November 26, 2006

Better in the dark

'it is a sensual way to eat' said my friend. people around the table laughed at him, I did not just because I was trying to focus on my meal to finish it without any accident because for 2 hours I could not see a thing. it was unusual experience to eat O'noir!
Later I thought about it. it is absolutely right, when one of the senses falls short, the other four are heightened.
The restaurant is not the ordinary type restaurant. It’s this new concept that’s already popular in Europe, Australia, New York, and LA. Basically, your entire dining experience is in the dark and blind people are serving you!! they say it is better in the dark
I was impressed by our waiter Raymond and his capacity to find his way between the tables to bring our different meals and drinks without any accident. Also I was surprised by myself. in the beginning I thought it will be messy, but I tried to play the game and I succeeded to use my other senses. I realized that we don't eat actually with our eyes. however, to be honest, it was not easy because after 2 hours i start to feel uncomfortable.
it is nice to try it in the dark, at least once, to appreciate our senses that we use and take for granted without giving much intention.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Apprendre la discrimination!

Je dois remercier Marc d'avoir attiré mon attention à la leçon de la discrimination qui était une expérience à la fois douleureuse et très enrichssante pour ces enfants. - vous devez regarder les clips au bout de la page (4 clips)
Oui ça fait mal, mais c'est pour apprendre. il l'a dit "ça fait mal au coeur"

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

La vie est dure

Déjà 29 ans!!
parfois le chemin est long, la pente est rude, la surface est glissante. mais ça va on va y arriver, n'est ce pas?

x: es-tu rendu à l'état de Anaïs dans sa chanson la vie est dure?

non, pas du tout. j'ai écouté son album et justement les paroles m'ont fait réflichir. elle est drôle.