Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Laila in Canada, a mother from Gaza: Surviving Under Seige

is a freelance Palestinian journalist, media activist, and mother from Gaza. She writes mainly for the Guardian and Aljazeera. She has also appeared on CNN, the BBC, NPR, CBC, and Democracy Now among others. Laila has been published in Le Monde Diplmatique, the New Statesmen, the International Herald Tribune and the Washington Post among others. From 2003-2006, Laila was the Gaza correspondent for the the English Aljazeera website. In 2007, she directed two Gaza-based documentaries for Al-Jazeera International (Tunnel Trade and A Rafah Playground) with Tourist With A Typewriter production company. Her award-winning blog “Raising Yousuf and Noor: diary of a Palestinian mother explores the complex relationships between the personal and political as she raises kids and negotiates displacement and occupation. Laila is currently based in the United States.
She will be in Montreal soon. I highly recommend that you go listen to her story.
For anyone interested, here is her Canada speaking tour:

Edmonton, Alberta
Monday, March 2 @ 7pm
University of Alberta. Telus Center for Professional Development, Room 150
111 Street and 87 Avenue

Calgary, Alberta.
Tuesday, March 3 @ 6:30pm
University of Calgary. Cragie Hall Rm 119

Toronto, Ontario.
Wednesday, March 4 @ 7pm
Gaza: Breaking the Siege
University of Toronto. Walberg Building, Room 116
184-200 College Street.

Kingston, Ontario
Thursday, March 5 @ 6:30pm
Queens University.

Montreal, Quebec
Friday, March 6 @ 6:30pm
Concordia University, Room H-937
1455 de Maisonneuve west