Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The day after tomorrow

They don’t stop talking about climate change that what I had in mind when I looked through the window this morning. Samer called me announcing that snow was falling!! This is the beginning of a long and harsh winter here in Canada.
I hesitated to pull out my heavy winter shoes from the cupboard. I thought that it would not continue all day and it would melt away within an hour or so. In consequence, I have been walking like une petite chinoise all day because it was slippery and I had to be careful. Bref, c’est le premier jour de neiges à montréal

X: at least, it is not the day after tomorrow

look, this was last month when i went with friends for a walk in the nature. yes it was cold but no snow!!


Anonymous Diw@ said...

I hated snow. I spent One year in Strasbourg and I get used to cold, rain and snow. Now, I'm little bit nostalgious about getting out in snow with big coat and shoes...:)
Have a great Winter

4:59 PM  

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