Wednesday, August 31, 2005

smoking really sucks

X : do you know that « The air pollution in Cairo is a matter of serious concern. The air quality in downtown Cairo is more than 10 to 100 folds of acceptable world standards. Air pollutants that are very high are particulate, hydrocarbons and lead. All are cancer causing agents »

Absolutely true, one can feel it when walking in Cairo streets. I was delighted to know that my father has switched his car to natural gas. It is an environment friendly fuel and extremely cheap compared to petrol fuel. Natural gas full tank costs only 6 Egyptian pounds (almost 1 US dollar) (Inta mouta2akid??!! Inta yimkin asdak 6000 geneih?!). The number of gas service stations is increasing continuously. Egypt is a rapidly growing natural gas producer. Due to major recent discoveries, natural gas is likely to be the primary growth engine of Egypt's energy sector in the foreseeable future. The government should make use of it. Executives have to plan to switch all new cars into this new technology.

X: but if there is no natural gas?

No problem, the car runs with both. You can switch whenever you want, even you can do it while you are driving your car. However, I had some troubles to switch it twice. I called my brother asking for help. It is that easy once you figure how it works!!
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