Wednesday, September 07, 2005

انتخابات كبده و مخ

Mubarak for ever!!

X : c’est la première élection présidentielle en Egypte, es-tu allé voter ?

No, Egyptians out of their home can not vote!! The government says that it is difficult to guarantee good process abroad! Anyways, Mubarak is expected to win a fifth term (6years)
Do you see the picture? Look at Mubarak in the right corner. This picture used to be in this place since I was in my last year at Cairo University. I used to see it on my way back to home. It says Mubarak forever. The owner of this takeaway shop, as I think deeply, put it to guarantee that his business runs continuously without problems. This is the kind of people who want Mubarak forever because they get benefits of his regime.

X: Then what after?

The coming term might be the darkest one. Mubarak will have free hand and legitimate (according to himself) power to continue running this country as he always did mistreating Egyptians, torture and human rights abuse)

إضافة: بعد الظهر بتوقيت مونتريال و حال عودتي من الجامعة تصفحت آخر التطورات و الأخبار عن سير العملية الانتخابية التي توشك أن تنتهي أو انتهت بالفعل لفارق التوقيت. وجدت هذا موقع حركة شايفينكو الذي يرصد و يدعو لرصد المخالفات التي قد تكون شابت السير الطبيعي للانتخاب.

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